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Discounts You Might Be Missing

Having the option to save money is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world and it’s an even better feeling when you barely have to do anything to receive a discount! Saving money on your insurance could be as easy as switching to receiving your documents through email rather than through the mail - wait, someone wants to give a discount for having documents conveniently go through email? Yes, it’s seriously that easy to save money! What other discounts are you missing out on?

Here are a list of some the top discounts you could receive on your insurance that are a quick and easy way to save a few dollars:

Multi policy

Do you have a car and rent or own your home? If yes, congratulations, you qualify for this discount! By holding your auto insurance and property insurance with the same company, you could receive a discount on both policies. The Multi - policy discount is typically the highest percentage discount offered and in return, could save you some big bucks on both of your policies!

Depending on the company, adding more policies with them will increase the multi - policy discount across all lines of business you hold with their company. For example, if you have added a motorcycle policy in addition to your home and auto, you could increase your discount for all three policies!

Good student

Young drivers are already hard on your wallet, receiving a discount to lighten the load can go a long way! If your young driver is still in school (highschool or college) and has a grade average of a B or higher, your policy could qualify for a ‘Good Student’ discount.

Parent Hack: If your child pays their part of the insurance each month, getting good grades in school is a great incentive for them so they pay less on their monthly bill!

Advanced quote

The next time you shop for new insurance, ask about the ‘Advanced Quote’ discount. By just signing off on your new policy a couple days before the effective date, you could save more money going into your new insurance company! Qualifying for this discount is super easy and you're leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of it.


Adding the paperless discount to your insurance policies is a ‘win win’ situation for everyone! By simply receiving your insurance documents through email, you save money on your policy plus you’re saving paper in the process and therefore helping the environment.

In this day and age, our mail tends to pile up and bills can be missed. Receiving your billing and documentation through email will give you easy access to bill reminders and referencing your insurance documentation right from your smartphone!

Automatic Withdrawal

Tired of late fees on your Insurance bill because you forgot the due date? Automatic withdrawal is perfect for you - save more money and no more late fees! Ask your agent about setting your monthly payment up for automatic withdrawal; most companies let you choose your withdrawal date so you can align it with your pay schedule.

If an automatic withdrawal directly from your bank account is not always accountable, your insurance company may offer a discount for setting your monthly payment up on a recurring credit card payment.

Good Driving App

A Majority of us spend a large amount of our time on our phones anyways (not while driving of course) so what’s another app to add to our home screen to check out? Many insurance companies have developed or are developing apps to track customers' driving history and are rewarding customers who drive well with a discount on their insurance! Each company has different rules and regulations around their app but if you are a good driver, it’s definitely worth asking your agent about!

Each insurance company has unique discounts specific to their company so there may be more ways you can save money on your policies. Ask your agent what discounts your policy may qualify for!

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